• AWERA Poison Arrow © FaberFranco Highres
  • AWERA Paetaupussyriot © Paetaupussyriot

„There is a renewed genesis for all things. The eternal incompleteness of forms requires their constant reinvention.“ Felwine Sarr

AWERA is a co-production between Colombian musician and interdisciplinary artist Natalia Escobar AKA Poison Arrow and Colombian German artist and filmmaker Simon(e) J. Paetau. With AWERA, Escobar and Paetau have a shared artistic vision and propose to create a body of work in the form of a live audiovisual performance and a full-length LP recording. This work will be based on the stories and experiences they have begun gathering with a group of indigenous trans women coffee pickers that live in Santuario, Colombia, who as a result of their gender identity, have been rejected and shunned by their respective Embera- Chami and Embera-Katio tribes.

The project will be based on the creation of the new community that the trans Embera women aim to build; giving special focus on how they are using their traditional music, dance and costumes in relation to their vision of reaffirming their gender-identity, cultural recognition and by portraying their aspirations to demonstrate that there are different ways to be a woman and an Embera

Creative Direction: Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau and Natalia Escobar | Music: Natalia Escobar aka Poison Arrow

This project is part of round 9 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2020.