• LENdscapes Vykinta sBaltakas Foto: Simonas Skabeikis
  • LENdscapes © Christoph Ogiermann
  • LENdscpaes LENsemble © L.T. Ansamblių-Tinklas
  • LENdscapes Thomas Hummel © Chris Stock Mueller

LENdscapes is a project in the field of contemporary music and its mediation. It brings together two opposing musical formations from two different countries to form an unusual coalition: the Lithuanian ensemble LENsemble and the German loudspeaker orchestra BLO, consisting of 34 Acousmonium speakers and their sound directors. The topic is the question of the interchangeability of real musicians and loudspeakers who play together with the real musicians as virtual musicians. The concert hall becomes a landscape of spatially distributed musicians and loudspeaker musicians. 4 composers from Germany and Lithuania deliver specially composed music.

And not just these two professionals: the audience is also asked to play. Hummel composed a work for a 23- member ensemble. A 23-track recording exists, corresponding to the musicians. The interested public, lay musicians, can rehearse selected easy passages on the Internet in the months before the concert and play together with the speakers on the concert day.

LENsemble Vilnius
PGNM Bremen
Musikmesse Festival
GAIDA Festival

This project is part of round 9 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2020.