Andreas Beitin

Curatorial Statement

In an increasingly complex world faced with equally complex social, political, ecological and economic challenges and problems, the objective of contemporary art institutions can no longer (only) be to provide a forum for the presentation of aesthetic and contemplative objects or for the negotiation of solely artistic issues. They should instead identify themselves as modern discursive platforms for the artistic reflection of social developments and transformations or precarious situations in the age of globalization. One of the aims of my curatorial practice is to meet current challenges with contemporary art and its investigations, offers of knowledge and potential to raise awareness. The changes taking place in the globalizing world require new perspectives and approaches – not only to art itself but also to its forms of presentation and communication. In recent years I have developed numerous exhibitions that addressed themes such as global activism, atomic threats, celebrity cultures, social inequality, participation and performativity. In this context, I view the exhibition as providing a basis for dialogue – a place where the artist, the institution and the public can meet and – ideally – exchange views. An exhibition is a temporary presentation of the intellectual efforts of many participants, the aim of which in the broadest sense is to gain a better understanding of the world and its different realities, or to ask questions without immediately providing the answers. In the exhibitions I curate, the outstanding artistic quality of the work shown is just as important as a trace of mysteriousness and incomprehensibility – a challenging element or something that viewers have to work out for themselves. I am above all interested in artistic approaches that have a high degree of complexity. The art should be aesthetically and provocatively attractive in the broadest sense, with many deeper layers of content beneath the surface. The exhibitions I curate aim to continually redefine what culture is or can be, and to shed light on areas where visual art meets science, the performing arts or design. I believe that today’s art – and hence exhibitions – should still have the explosive social potential to challenge existing thought patterns and modes of consciousness, and thereby enable change to occur. The ultimate aim of this both theoretical and practical approach is to foster intellectual autonomy.

July 2014

Andreas Beitin

Andreas Beitin
Andreas Beitin
Director | Ludwig Forum | Aachen

Contemporary art
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Applied cultural sciences
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Andreas Beitin