Nicole Fritz

Curatorial Statement

I regard curatorial practice as a method of examining artworks as sensuous symbols of human experience and thinking and as a mode of communicating art to a wide audience.

From a cultural studies perspective I therefore believe it is crucial – in addition to curating monographic exhibitions – to investigate the reciprocal effect of artistic production and society and to visualize these intersections in the form of thematic exhibitions. To this end, my work to date has focused on the question of how contemporary artists update traditions of cultural memory in their art.

My academic and curatorial work is also motivated by the desire to challenge perceptual habits and to assess familiar phenomena in a new light. For example, in the exhibition “Pictures on the Wall of your Heart” (autumn 2008), I have emphasized the auditive aspects of Tom Wesselmann’s work, while in another current project I explore the impact of folk culture in contemporary art.

Other important objectives are to support and promote the work of young artists and to facilitate process-oriented and open-ended experimental artistic projects.

Nicole Fritz (2008)

Nicole Fritz 2008, Copyright: Nicole Fritz
Nicole Fritz
Director | Stiftung Kunsthalle Tübingen

Contemporary art
Art in public space
Folk art

Nicole Fritz