Sabine Himmelsbach

Curatorial Statement

My curatorial activities up to the present have been focused on the presentation and communication of media art. Media art is situated at the interface of everyday media practice in terms of how visitors treat the Internet, video, television and media art. Artistic media-based productions flow as individual aesthetic experience into the domain of traditional art, offering viewers and visitors new ways of seeing, approaching and understanding art. My exhibition programme is defined by the endeavour to render this aspect visible and to incorporate the audience in the examination of these issues. Dialogue with the viewer is an inherent aspect of media art. As such media art’s content is also its explicit agenda.

I see the Edith Russ Site as a place geared to presentation and communication as well as to debate, a location dedicated in particular to fostering inquiry into the media in contemporary artistic practice. Thus we plan to hold exhibitions that explore relevant thematic realms related to everyday life, which address the increasing influence on our lives of media-engendered reality, digital technology and virtual worlds. A programme of accompanying events will broaden the exhibitions’ thematic scope, thereby providing additional material for debate.

Sabine Himmelsbach (2006)

Sabine Himmelsbach 2006, Copyright: Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst Oldenburg
Sabine Himmelsbach
Director | Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel

Contemporary art
Media art
Digital culture
Art communication & education
Forms of presentation

Sabine Himmelsbach