Harald Kunde

Curatorial Statement

As a curator and writer I see my role as enabling and accompanying cultural processes. At the heart of all of these processes is the transformation of an artistic proposal into the medium of an exhibition with its corresponding public interfaces. The development of a project from the initial idea through to its final implementation determines the rhythm of life and reveals dimensions of social reality that few other occupations can offer. The process begins with the initial inspiration provided by artists; in their studios, new perspectives on the world can be gained in the encounter with their passion and productivity. It continues with the pragmatic concerns of exhibition-making with its logistical procedures, responsibilities and the exhilarating phase of installing a show, when the artworks gain a spatial presence and concepts assume sensuous form. And it culminates in a wide range of art communication activities such as texts, talks, guided tours and lectures. The mutual dependence of these fields of activity keeps the curatorial process alive and creates the necessary tension between action and contemplation.

(Harald Kunde, 2009)

Harald Kunde 2009
Harald Kunde
Director | Museum Kurhaus Kleve

Contemporary art
Art in public space
Art communication and education

Harald Kunde