Susanne Pfeffer

Curatorial Statement

For me, curating in the original sense of the word means caring for and attending to the needs of art and artists with energy, diligence and knowledge. Ideally, the artist and the curator are partners who inspire one another. The curator is a facilitator, someone who offers art and artists a platform or space in which to unfold. Providing this space and making all the necessary administrative and infrastructural conditions as flexible as possible is a core aspect of curatorial work. In view of the complexity of current artistic positions and the increasingly widespread interest in contemporary art, I think it is extremely important for the curator to mediate between art and audience, to help the viewer find ways into art. The arts are our most important corrective factor; they provide a place where unconditional reflection and imagination really are possible. Because a successful exhibition is one that engages and stimulates its audience, enriches its experience and presents it with new ways of seeing.

Susanne Pfeffer (2008)

Susanne Pfeffer 2008, Copyright: Annika Kahrs
Susanne Pfeffer
Curator | KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin

Contemporary art

Susanne Pfeffer