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Dorothee Richter, born in Ludwigsburg, is managing director of the Postgraduate Program in Curating at the School of Art and Design Zurich (HGKZ). She also initiated the Curating Degree Zero Archive together with Barnaby Drabble. The archive, which examines critical approaches to curatorial practice, was reinterpreted and extended together with artists, curators and designers and has been touring since 2003.

Following her studies in visual communication and an artist’s grant in Bremen, Richter began her curatorial work in a cultural centre in Bremen with a thematic-political project series and in a location squatted by artists in the harbour, the “Lichthaus”. Following this, she curated a series of projects based on a feminist approach in Bremen, called “female coalities.” In her position of research assistant at the GAK Bremen, she organized the curators’ symposium “Curating Degree Zero” in 1998 together with Barnaby Drabble. This was followed in 1999 by a symposium on feminist positions in contemporary art for the ‘Stipendienstätte die Höge’: “Dialoge und Debatten”, while at the same time an archive on the theme of feminist practice was presented in Künstlerhaus Bremen.

From 1999 to the end of 2003, Richter was artistic director of the Künstlerhaus Bremen. Her programme had a strong discursive focus and included exhibition projects and theoretical contributions such as “Urban Neighbourhood”; “over high – over (f)low,” “Naming a Practice,” “Cooperations- artistic production methods, which create an environment,” “Compilations and Databases“ and symposiums such as “The Quintessential Hold of Images“ with Sigrid Adorf and Kathrin Heinz) or “The Visuality of Theory vs. The Theory of the Visual” with Nina Möntmann.

Since 1998, Richter has held lecturing posts at the University of Bremen, the Merzakademie Stuttgart, the École des Beaux Arts in Geneva, and the Universität Lüneburg. In 2005/2006 she was a member of the research group “Ausstellungsdisplays” at the Institute for Cultural Studies at the HGKZ in Zurich. In 2005 she initiated, in collaboration with Barnaby Drabble the Postgraduate Studies Programme in Curating, which has since been approved as an MA study course. In 2007 she organized the symposium “Re-Visionen des Displays” (Re-Visions of the Display, with Jennifer Johns and Sigrid Schade) at the Migros Museum in Zurich. Her most recent publication “Curating Critique” (co-edited by Barnaby Drabble) and the new Internet platform present current approaches to critical curatorial practice.

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Dorothee Richter
Director | Postgraduate Program Curating HGKZ Zurich

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Dorothee Richter