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Katharina Schlieben, born in 1973 in Freiburg im Breisgau, is a freelance curator and cultural studies scholar based in Berlin.

Schlieben did a degree in cultural studies, aesthetics and applied arts in Hildesheim, and also studied curating at Goldsmiths College in London.

From 2002 to 2004 Katharina Schlieben was part of the curatorial team of Kunstverein München in Munich, along with Maria Lind and Søren Grammel. From 2004 to 2009 she and Sønke Gau served as the curatorial team of the Shedhalle in Zurich.

Since 2010 Schlieben has held the post of curator at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Her research work focuses on exploring methodologies and opportunities for producing and communicating artistic and curatorial knowledge, modes of self-education, as well as praxeological knowledge in the context of a knowledge- and education-based society.

In addition to her lecturing and teaching work at a number of art colleges and universities in Switzerland, Katharina Schlieben regularly contributes to book publications, journals and magazines. She has also edited numerous publications, including the following works that were co-edited by Sønke Gau: “site-seeing. disneyfizierung der städte?” (bbooks, Berlin, 2003), “Spectacle, Pleasure Principle or the Carnivalesque?” (bbooks, Berlin, 2008), “Work to do! Self-Organisation in Precarious Working Conditions” (Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nuremberg, 2009) as well as the “Shedhalle Newspaper” (Zurich, 2004–2009); together with Maria Lind, Søren Grammel, Judith Schwarzbart, Ana Paula Cohen, Julienne Lorz and Tessa Praun she co-edited “Collected Newsletters Spring 02 – Fall 04”, (Revolver Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt/Main, 2005).

In 2010 Katharina Schlieben and Sønke Gau were jointly awarded the “Eidgenössischer Preis für Kunst 2010” in the section “art communication and education” of the Swiss Art Awards.

Exhibitions (selected)

  • “FALLSTUDIE – Künstlerische (Selbst/Aus)Bildung”, Oktogon, Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden, 2010/2011
  • “Translation Paradoxes and Misunderstandings”, Chapters 1–3, Shedhalle, Zurich, 2008/2009 (co-curated by Sønke Gau)
  • “Work to do! Self-Organisation in Precarious Working Conditions”, Chapters 1–3, Shedhalle, Zurich (2007–2009, co-curated by Sønke Gau)
  • “Sprung ins kalte Wasser”, Shedhalle, Zurich, 2006 (co-curated by Sønke Gau)
  • “Colonialism Without Colonies? Relations between Tourism, Neo-Colonialism and Migration”, Chapters 1–3, Shedhalle, Zurich, 2005/2006 (co-curated by Sønke Gau)
  • “Spectacle, Pleasure Principle or the Carnivalesque?”, Chapters 1–3, Shedhalle, Zurich, 2004/2005 (co-curated by Sønke Gau)
  • “Collaborative Practices I and II”, Kunstverein München, Munich, and Shedhalle, Zurich, 2004/2005 (Part I co-curated by Maria Lind and Judith Schwarzbart, Part II co-curated by Sønke Gau)
  • “Totally motivated”, Kunstverein München, Munich, 2003 (co-curated by Maria Lind and Søren Grammel)
  • “site-seeing: the disneyfication of cities?”, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, 2002/2003 (co-curated by Sønke Gau)
  • “exchange & transform (working title)”, Kunstverein München, Munich, 2002 (co-curated by Maria Lind and Søren Grammel)
  • “urban nomads”, South London Gallery, London, 2001

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Katharina Schlieben
Curator and cultural studies scholar, Berlin

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Katharina Schlieben