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Dr. Renate Wiehager, born in 1959 in Bremen, is the director of the Daimler Art Collection, Stuttgart/Berlin.

Wiehager studied art history, theology, literature and philosophy, gaining her doctorate in 1988 with a monograph on Richard Oelze. From 1988 to 1991 she began her career as a research assistant at the Stadtgalerie Kiel. In 1991 she was appointed director of the Villa Merkel/Bahnwärterhaus in Esslingen, a post she held until 2000. Since January 2001 Wiehager has been the director of the Daimler Art Collection, Stuttgart/Berlin and the Daimler Contemporary exhibition space in Berlin; in this capacity she has curated the Daimler Art Collection’s worldwide tour of major international museums (ongoing since 2001) and the Daimler awards for contemporary art and culture in South Africa and Japan.

Since 1989 Wiehager has curated some 100 exhibitions of young international art. Among the many important solo shows by well-known artists she has curated since 1990 have been exhibitions by Joseph Kosuth, Franz Erhard Walther, Adolf Fleischmann, Marcel Odenbach, Gia Edzgveradze, Roman Signer, Christian Marclay, Georg Herold, Martin Kippenberger, Heimo Zobernig, Gerold Miller, Simone Westerwinter, Georg Winter, Sylvie Fleury, John M. Armleder, Guy Tillim, Bernie Searle and Jane Alexander.

To date Wiehager has published more than 160 books and catalogues on international contemporary art, as well as some 200 essays on twentieth-century art in specialist journals, anthologies and catalogues. Her most recent publications have focussed on minimalism and the activities of the Daimler Art Collection, and also include monographs on Charlotte Posenenske and Jan Henderikse.

Exhibitions (selected)

  • “Classical : Modern. Classical Modernism and contemporary art from the Daimler Art Collection”, Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, ongoing series since 2006
  • “Photography, Video, Mixed Media”, Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, ongoing series since 2002
  • “Private/Corporate. The Daimler Art Collection in a dialogue with international private collections”, Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, ongoing series since 2002
  • “Minimalism and After”, Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, ongoing series since 2001
  • “Electronic Images. Videokunst 1965–2000”, Villa Merkel, Esslingen, 2000
  • “Kunst mit Architektur”, Villa Merkel, Esslingen, 1999
  • “Fort!Da! Zeitgenössische Künstler im Dialog mit der Sammlung Gegenwartskunst der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart”, Villa Merkel, Esslingen, 1996
  • “Neue Möbel für die Villa”, Villa Merkel, Esslingen, 1994
  • “International Photo Triennial in Esslingen”, Villa Merkel, Esslingen, series of exhibitions from 1992 to 2001
  • “Zero International”, Villa Merkel, Esslingen, four exhibitions between 1992 and 1999

Renate Wiehager 2009, Copyright: Brendel
Renate Wiehager
Director | Daimler Art Collection, Stuttgart/Berlin

Contemporary art
Classical modernism

Renate Wiehager