Advent Calendar 19 december 2017

  • My New Mother (Reem Al Mazrouei) © Reem Al Mazrouei
    My New Mother
    In Umm Jadeedah (Arabic for My New Mother) a girl fondly remembers her father’s first wife, her “new mother.” In subtle, poetic prose, Mariam Al Rashedi describes the little girl’s relationship to the older woman and the loss she feels after her death. The short, beautifully written snapshots from both of their lives are poignantly illustrated by newcomer artist Reem Al Mazrouei.
    A novel by Mariam Al Rashedi, illustrated by Reem Al Mazrouei, published by Dar Al Alam Al Arabi
  • The Eid Cake (Dana Al Mazrouei) ©Dana Al Mazrouei
    Eid cake
    It’s the eve of the Eid feast and Mother has baked seven yummy cakes. Who are the cakes for? This charming picture book playfully introduces children aged 0 to 5 to Eid al-Fitr, the Ramadan fast-breaking feast, and shows the importance of giving and sharing and of family ties. With enchanting illustrations by Dana Al Mazrouei.
    By Reem Al Gurg, illustrated by Dana Al Mazrouei, published by Jarrous Press Publishers
  • Hungry Rosy (Fatma Ahmad Matar Al Mehairi) ©Fatma Ahmad Matar Al Mehairi
    Hungry Rosy
    Rosy the giraffe’s stomach is rumbling, but there’s nothing left to eat at home. Squirrel the neighbour still has the ingredients for some yummy bread, but who will bring the water and help bake it? Help comes in the form of an elephant, who fetches water in his trunk and kneads the dough perfectly with his fat behind. But what happens when a giraffe, a squirrel and a big elephant bake bread together? Well, just read the story and laugh aloud at the brilliant brainwaves and daffy disasters in this cute and funny animal story!
    By Nooreya Mohamed Tayeb, illustrations by Fatma Ahmad Matar Al Mehairi
  • Fanteer the Fluffy Flamingo (Shaima Al Malik) ©Shaima Al Malik
    Fanteer the little flamingo
    Fanteer the little flamingo goes on an excursion to the mangroves with his parents. The inexperienced little flamingo is lured farther and farther away from his parents by a cheeky little crab, by tasty shrimp that turn his feathers pink, by mussels and various animals… till suddenly Fanteer finds himself all alone in the mangroves! Will he ever find Mama and Papa again?
    By Noura Abbas Al-Khoori, illustrations by Shaima Al Malik
  • The Runaway Louse (Abdullah Al Sharhan) ©Abdullah Al Sharhan
    A new louse house
    A louse leaves her native head and sets forth in search of a better home. But wherever she goes, the housing is not ideal: on one head of hair it snows dandruff, on Baldhead there isn’t a single shady hair, and the next head is much too wet and foamy. After many an adventure, the cheeky louse returns to her native head and understands: there is no perfect home, but the one she’s got is actually pretty good.
    By Maitha Al Khayat, illustrations by Abdullah Al Sharhan
  • Golden Dates (Nauf Abdulrahman Al-Shaikh) ©Nauf Abdulrahman Al-Shaikh
    The golden dates
    What do a helicopter and a flock of parrots have to do with date muffins? You’ll find out in this captivating story: when little Ahmed’s mother wants to bake some muffins, he tries to pick the juiciest dates from the tallest palm tree. But how is such a small fellow to go about that? Ahmed tries everything... till a helicopter and a flock of parrots help him reach the golden dates. Includes a delicious date muffin recipe!
    By Noura Abbas Al-Khoori, illustrations by Nauf Abdulrahman Al-Shaikh, published by Al-Hudhud Publishing & Distribution
  • Hashtoor (Nasir Nasrallah) ©Nasir Nasrallah
    Come along to Hashtoor, a wonderland where the palm trees have coloured polka dots, the camels wear sunglasses, boats are made of paper and money grows on trees. Watch the shadows when they put on a play and follow Ayesha Al Hashemi’s poetic alphabet to the madlands of Hashtoor, where everything’s a little different...

There is a rich storytelling tradition among tribal societies in the United Arab Emirates. Telling stories by the campfire in the desert was a cherished pastime for generations of parents and grandparents, who would tell the children bedtime stories. This is why printed children’s books have only come out in recent years there. The Goethe-Institut’s Books – Made in UAE project looks at the latest children’s books from the United Arab Emirates. 


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